It is free to list your business or event on Huntingmama. To create a listing, simply create an account and click on “Add Listing“. These can be found at the top right corner of every page. If you’d like to further enhance or feature your listing, you may want to check out our Packages page.

There are also quick links at the bottom to provide additional information that you may need.

If you need more help or simply want to leave a feedback, we’re more than happy to get in touch. You may contact us here or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!


Why list my business on Huntingmama?

Below are some quick reasons why you should list your business with us.

  • It is free (paid options available a a small fee)
  • Full control over your listing (even when it’s free)
  • Help potential customers find you. People want to enjoy good food, try out new eateries or explore newe places. The problem is when they do not know about your existence, simply because they may live somewhere there is outside the circumference of your business, or because they have no found a reason to go to where you are located at (they don’t even know you are there you see). Listing your business helps customers find you when your eatery fulfills their search criteria for the day, or when you get exposure by going for a paid listing that is shown somewhere they can see.
  • Unlimited, greater upside: Unlike some platforms that charge a percentage of your sales, we charge a flat rate if you opt for our paid packages. If you get more reviews and business, you gain 100% of your sales after deducting the fixed costs.
  • Gain feedback so you can improve your offerings and attract more business: We offer constructive feedback and we encourage Huntingmama mavens to do the same. The more feedback you get, the better you can understand what attracts people to you and how you can improve on your profitability and revenue.
  • What’s the point of having a promotion, (whether instore or with partners) if your business is not being promoted? Listing your business or food deal on Huntingmama helps promote them so you get more results for your promotion.
  • Create a bloglike profile to attract potential customers (paid options)

How many listings can I list up?

You may list in more than one category as long as it is relevant for that category. However, please put up only ONE listing per eatery per location and ONE listing per promotion ie do not post duplicate listings. For example if you’re a restaurant with 3 outlets having a 30% lunchtime promotion and a 1-for-1 drinks deal, you may list your business in

  • Dining ( 1 listing for each outlet = 3 listings)
  • Dining Deals (1 listing per promotion per outlet = 3 x 2 = 6 listings)

This will enable users to find you and to make your listing relevant to them. Posting duplicate entries will not help your business but will only frustrate users when they keep seeing the same thing.

Is it important that I ensure the information on my listing is accurate?

Yes of course. Nobody likes liars so don’t check the “Michelin-starred” box when you have not been awarded one. You may get more business at the beginning but you will get called out soon, people will get angry and social media will make you famous (in a bad way.) Your listing will also be flagged by Huntingmama and we will suspend your account for a period of time.

Is there any criteria for listing my business with Huntingmama for free?

The only criteria is that your establishment caters to the end consumer (B2C). Our categories are comprehensive and cover all aspects for the end consumer, whether it is an event, shopping, a service or an eatery. Hover over “Listings” at the top menu to see all the categories covered by us.

Why is there word and image limitations for free listings?

In order to make our search functions user-friendly and useful to shoppers and diners, our website needs to utilise a robust backend system. In addition, text and images will slow down the website significantly and we will need to keep investing resources into upgrading our system in order to still process the data quickly for users. Hence, there is a limit on the amount of text and images we can allow for free listings. Rest assured that one good image and concise, useful descriptions will still draw customers to your business. The most important point is to ensure that you can be seen by people who are searching for food or shopping options relevant to what you are offering! If you’d like to provide more information and market your business, you may opt for one of our affordable packages.

Can I opt for a free listing, then upgrade to a paid listing later on?

Sure! Simply login to your account at the top right corner, go to “Listings” under your Account Page, click on the 3 dots and edit the listing according. Make sure the “Claim Listing” box is checked and the option to pick a package will appear. Simply select the desired package option and you may add more images and edit your page immediately.

Can I get support if I’m unsure how to post my listing, even if it’s a free listing?

Sure. We can provide assistance, even for free listings. Simply drop us a message on the form below or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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