How do we get rewarded?

The reward system is valid for a limited period of time to a limited number of users.

To qualify for the points, listings must be at least 80% complete and provide accurate information at the time of listing.

Reviews have to be honest and be of your personal experience. The aim of huntingmama is to help businesses be seen, compliment and share about them when they have done a good job, and provide constructive feedback to let them know where they can do better or what they are lacking in. Our purpose is not to tear businesses down or put people to shame. It is perfectly fine, in fact great to provide negative, constructive feedback, but malicious comments will be removed and penalised.

Why does my listing belong to someone else now?

At the end of the day, it is the business that is in the best position to provide up-to-date information about themselves. The management or owner can claim the listing and manage the information given in it so that all of us get to enjoy accurate information.

Of course the credit should be given to you for creating the listing in the first place so you will still be awarded your points for creating it.

What kind of listings can I put up?

We want to be a comprehensive repository of all shops, eateries, events and things to do repository for our users. For a start, only Dining Deals, Sales & Promotions and Things to Do categories are open for listing. If you’re a business from a categories that is not open yet for listing, but would like to list your business, please contact us for assistance.

Can businesses edit/delete reviews then?

Businesses only have the option to respond to reviews, but are not given the ability to make any modifications to reviews left by others. Huntingmama reserves the right to take down malicious comments or request for moderation before approving comments.

Does it make a difference if I leave a one-word review versus a quality review?

First of all, a quality review doesn’t always mean a positive review. A quality review is one that provides information that is helpful to other huntingmama users. Constructive feedback also gives establishments a chance to improve themselves so we get a great day out and they get to increase their business.

When you consistently provide quality reviews, these are the things that can happen.

  1. You get more followers because …
  2. You increase visiblity to other businesses who might specifiy who they want to review their business/product
  3. You join the huntingmama hunters club and get exclusive invites and privileges like ….

Can I create another listing for the same business?

No. Duplicate listings will be merged with the existing listing if there are new information and you do not get credits for putting up a listing that already exists.

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