You don’t need to fly out of the country to have an adventure. Check out new eateries, suss out 1-for-1 dining deals when you’re on a budget, try a new activity on Things to Do, attend a free workshop by a mall or visit a nature reserve. From shops to eateries, performances to sales events, Huntingmama has everything you need for a great day out. Try out our powerful search engine or browse listings and get started on your adventure!

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Good Things Come in Pairs

Whether it’s the new pho joint you’ve wanted to try, or a sashimi treat for yourself, you get to multiply the joy without doubling the cost.

Work = Play?

It’s not only about making the home more work friendly, but also about making it more inspiring. Here are some ideas to accomplish that with just one or two new edits to the home.

Yay or Nay?

Whether it’s home bakers, a new goreng pisang stall or fruit sellers that do home delivery, here’s the place to check out regularly if you’re the kind who love trying out new joints. Come on give these newcomers a try. #supportlocal

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