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There is a great variety of good food in Singapore and (almost) nothing can be more rewarding after a day’s work than to pamper your tummy with good food. Whether it is from restaurants, hawkers, cafes or other eateries, there is no lack of dining options. Yet, one of the most common conversation is “Where should we eat?” or “What should we eat?” and the response is often “Dunno leh”.

Despite (or rather because) of the many food options, it can be a head cracking endeavor to find and decide on a dining option. Huntingmama helps you find the nearest restaurant or eatery of your choice, wherever you are.

Lip-smacking dishes, a good drink, traditional/new-age desserts and other soul-gratifying food, comfortable seating, warm or modern ambience, there is no dearth of restaurants or eateries to pick from.

Try a global brand in a premium location or savor some authentic street food; read customer reviews on the food and customer service; Huntingmama is an online platform that brings foodies and people who want to enjoy life close to the best places to eat in Singapore.

Pamper your taste buds with authentic Korean BBQ, the most popular Chinese dishes, Thai curry, seafood, continental recipes and countless other international cuisines. Enjoy dine-in with your family or friends, take away, order home delivery or grab other food deals near you in Singapore; there is so much you can explore across the food scene in the country that attract travelers around the world.

Huntingmama is powered by an extensive search engine to help you find what you want or to give ideas on where to go for a great day or evening out. Feeling healthy, or dining with friends who need halal options? On a budget for the rest of the month? Need a romantic place for an intimate celebration? Craving for specific hawker food? Simply check the relevant options on the Huntingmama search tool and be spoilt for choice with RELEVANT choices.

Our list of best-rated restaurants and eateries is constantly updated so you never get bored. Check out 1-for-1 deals, takeaway deals, healthy, halal options, and more.

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Whether it is a new eatery or an established food joint, help others find you by listing your business with us. People want to go out and have fun! Get visibility, share about your goodness and why people should visit you for FREE. Help your potential customers find you! Get all these for free simply by listing with us.

Create a bloglike feature on your business, request for customer reviews, create buzz as people interact and feedback on your business and find foodies and customers right at your doorstep in no time. Simply, create an account and click on “Add Listing“ to list your restaurant/eatery with Huntingmama.

If you want to go a step further and get even more exposure or reach out to customers who were initially not searching for your eatery type, you may opt for a paid option at very budget-friendly rates. Why let others get a cut of your business when you deserve the most credit for making your business thrive? Huntingmama’s listing packages are priced at an affordable flat rate, not by percentage. If you do well, we do not get an extra cut of your revenue.

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