ActivityNo. of Points

Accumulate 700 points 🡢 Earn 100 bonus points

Every milestone of 500 points entitles you to $50 worth of dining or shopping vouchers. There is currently no expiry for points accumulation, and every 700-point milestone entitles you to an additional 100 bonus points.

Policy Changes
This system is valid for a limited number of reviewers. There may also be times when we have a surge in supply of dining vouchers that allows us to reduce the number of points needed to make a redemption. Hence, this reward terms may be subjected to changes. Points awarded before the change will be adjusted to allocate equivalent weightage after the policy change. However, points following the change of policy will be subjected to the new weightage. e.g.

1 Jan 2020 500 points = 1 $50 redemption
1 Sep 2020 1000 points = 1 $50 redemption
1 Dec 2020 250 points = 1 $50 redemption

Anne accumulates 200 points before 1 Sep 2020.
Before 1 Sep 2020 = 200 points
After 1 Sep 2020, the 200 points = 400 points
She then collects another 100 points = 500 points
These points, if unredeemed by 1 Dec 2020 becomes = 125 points
This does not mean that she has lost out in December, because only 250 points is required to redeem a $50 voucher.

Every policy change will be announced one month in advance to give you time to earn more and make your redemption before the policy changes, if you’d like to.

Policy changes will be reviewed every quarter, meaning, there will only be changes made at a maximum of once every quarter.

¹Only quality reviews will be accepted. It doesn’t have to be a long review, but should include at least explain/describe why/what you like/dislike. Alternatively, you may post a picture with a caption.

²To maintain information integrity, only mavens are able to add listings. To get qualified as a maven, simply add a complete listing with accurate information. Photos and descriptions must be your own content, while other details like business hours, halal certification, shop location etc should be verified via reliable sources. Once your first listing is approved, you are a verified maven. Huntingmama reserves the right to edit information to ensure accuracy and quality.

Listings with less than 90% accuracy for non-subjective information like business hours, deal hours etc will not be awarded points.

Additional points regarding listings:
• Only 1 listing/business/location. Please do not create duplicate entries of the exact shop location. If an approved listing already exists, duplicate listings will be merged and will not be awarded points.
• If the business you are listing already has a pre-existing listing on Huntingmama, but is for a different outlet, it will be counted as a franchise and will be awarded 2 points.
• To list a franchise, simply click on any existing franchise listing and click “Add Franchise” on the top right corner.
•The same image may be used across different outlets/franchises if the image is relevant.

Note: Malicious content will be removed and the author will be banned/suspended from further posts.

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